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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation of deviation of these rules is left to discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

The Management of Huntsville Speedway

Safety Rules
1. Apparel – See general rules
All safety apparel must be worn while on the racing surface. This will be enforced for practice and race dates.

Technical Rules
1. The word stock as referred to in the following rules mean “As it comes from the factory in non hi-performance mass produced automobiles”.
2. Top 3 finishers after the race will go immediately to tech.
3. Radios optional.
4. No electric fuel pumps.

1. Hoosier 790 treaded tire.
2. 8″ wide steel wheels only. Wheel offset to be within 1″ left to right.

Roll cage
1. Bars must be at least 14 gauge 1 ¾” OD steel pipe.
2. Bars must be welded to frame and have 4 protective bars on driver’s side and 3 protective bars on passenger side. No square tubing.
3. All cages must meet approval of HS Officials.

1. Stock location 1″ tolerance. If engine is setback further than the rule states you must put 50 lbs. in front of the front spindles. Weight must be centered or right of center. This is not an extra 50 pounds. Engine must be centered in frame, +/- 1″.

1. One 12-volt battery only.
2. Electronic ignition permitted. MSD type boxes permitted.
3. No coil packs or crank trigger fired ignitions.
4. Must have battery power shut off switch.

1. Only a Holley 2300 2bl. carburetor #7448 is allowed. Must fit HS gauges and air horn cannot be removed. NO High-performance 350 carbs allowed! Unaltered boosters in stock location. Butterfly screws are optional, Stock shaft and butterflies. Choke rod hole may be plugged and choke mount holes sealed with epoxy or comparable material.
2. Spacer/adapter maximum 2″ including gaskets.
3. May use air box.
4. Fuel injected engines must be approved by a Speedway Official.

1. Stock for the type of engine used. No porting, polishing or grinding of any kind. May be milled. Cylinder head boss may be cut down for short adjusters 2300. May have 3-angle valve job. No more than 75 degrees. Valve spring pocket may be cut .0100 deep or may run long valves; stock head/valve diameter, stainless steel valves allowed. May run 2.0 head with 2.3 valves, but must carry 2.3 weight for engine.
2. No aluminum heads except stock Toyota.
3. No more than 2 valves per cylinder. Unless approved by HS officials.

1. Any 3 ring flat top piston. Toyota may run dome pistons.
2. Any cam and kit. No rollers. May run adjustable sprocket.

1. Stock crank for motor used, may be balanced. No grinding, polishing or lightening of any kind.
NO STROKERS, Engine must be zero deck height, piston may not be above block at TDC. (exc. Toyota)

1. Any steel rod permitted. Stock length +/- .050

Clutch/ Pressure plate
1. Stock diameter clutch and pressure plate. No aluminum parts.
2. May run solid center disc.

1. Must be stock diameter- 12 lbs. minimum, flywheel bolts included.
2. All to be weighed on HS scales if questioned.
3.NO Aluminum flywheels.

1. OEM chassis with steel body:
Must meet total weight requirements, no left side weight restrictions
Up to 2.0 1900 lbs.
Over 2.0 2000 lbs.
2. Stock Front Clip and/or Stock Chassis with aftermarket body:
Up to 2.0 2050 lbs. 58% Left Side
Over 2.0 2150 lbs. 58% Left Side
3. Full Tube Frame
Up to 2.0 2250 lbs. 53% Left Side
Over 2.0 2350 lbs. 53% Left Side
4. All Toyota’s w/OEM chassis Up to 1.8L – 2000 lbs., over 1.8L – 2050 lbs with No Left Side rule. Tube chassis 2150 lb. 55% Left side. Speedway reserves the right to amend this rule as necessary.
5. Weight determined by original engine size. Boring .040 over included in weight. I.E. 2.0 bored .040 over is still classified as a 2.0.
6. All ballast must be attached with two ½” bolts and be white with car number on it. If your car loses ballast at any time, during practice or race you are disqualified for the night.
7. No car over 2500 lbs. will be allowed to compete in the event for safety reasons.
8. 2.5 STOCK truck engine permitted min. weight 2400lbs. {max.2550cc}

1. Steel, aluminum, or fiberglass body. 2. Must have 4″ ground clearance, body and frame included.
3. Front windshield required, must be Lexan. Full windshield required.
4. Rear window permitted.
5. Rear body panel must cover rear of car to bumper.
6. Tread Width 64″ measured from true center of tires at spindle height. Zero tolerance.

1. Maximum 6″ height. May not exceed width of deck.

1. All components must remain stock, as produced by manufacturer and mounted in stock location, unless specified. Front and rear sub frames may be connected with tubular framing. One piece per side. Location optional. May “X” frames or add cross members. May replace crash damage with tubing, maintain stock dimensions and flow.
2. Stock type sway bars are allowed. No splined bars.

1. Any steel or aluminum body non-adjustable (No Schrader valve)racing shock permitted. $75 claim rule on shocks!! To claim shocks: Must finish in the top 5. Must pay in cash. Must make claim to official within 10 min of finish.
Refusal of claim will result in DQ with loss of points and money for that event.

1. Any coil spring may be used (front minimum 31/2″ rear minimum 2″)
2. Wedge bolt adjusters allowed.
3. Stock main leaf for car. Number of leafs optional. May use clamps. May cut secondary leaf. Sliders permitted with wedge bolt adjusters.
4. Strut cars may use tech approved coil-over adjusters on front only.
5. May elongate slots for caster/camber adjustments.

1. Steering box and components must be stock and in stock location.
2. Adjustable racks & pinions will be allowed with 50 lb. weight penalty.

1. May run disc brakes. No aftermarket brake parts: calipers, rotors or drums.
2. No drilled rotors. Any pedal or master cylinder set up.
3. All wheels must have four working brakes.

1. Any stock passenger car rear-end must remain in stock location, centered in car. No offset. May be locked. No quick change. No cambered rear-ends. No gold tracks. No aluminum spools.

Drive shaft
1. Driveshaft must be Steel. NO Aluminum driveshafts! No aluminum parts of any kind in the driveline.
2. Must have drive shaft loop. Driveshaft must be painted white.
3. 1 inch inspection hole in bellhousing recommended.

1. Standard or automatic (torque converter included).
2. Must be stock OEM and unmodified. Must be in working condition with reverse and all forward gears.

Fuel/ Fuel Cell
1. Fuel cell is mandatory, 12 gal. maximum with foam, must have check valve.
2. 9″ ground clearance.
3. Must have rear protection bar minimum 1 ¼” .095″ bar, 2 straps minimum 1″ width surrounding the entire fuel cell. Fuel cells must be bolted. No rivets and no sheet metal screws.
4. Location of fuel cells must be approved by HS tech inspectors.
5. HS fuel only. No additive.
6. Fuel must go through the fuel cell to the carburetor and cannot pass through any performance enhancing/cooling devices.
7. No electric fuel pumps.
Abide by all general rules!!



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  1. Joe Davis

    Leave it the way it is

  2. Louie Robinett

    Any changes to the ministock rules should hopefully be minimal, mostly weights and percentages. No decision on tires yet.

  3. Joe Davis

    OK thanks Louie that gives us a place to start

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