General Rules

2018 Rules

General Rules


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

The Management of The Huntsville Speedway

**The intent and interpretation of the rules will be the decision of HS management/ officials. It is strongly recommended that anyone having questions and/or doubt about the interpretation or intent of the rules check with HS management/officials. All decision of HS management/officials will be final. HS management/officials reserve the right to change and/or amend any of these rules at any time.

Code of Conduct

1. All drivers, car owners, crewmembers, and other participants agree that by entering a HS race event they shall abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein.

2. Any driver or crew member threatening, cursing or otherwise abusing an HS official or employee will be suspended indefinitely. If any physical conduct is made, permanent eviction will be mandated. Drivers, car owners, crewmembers, and other participants will be expected to respect HS management/officials.

3. NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO GLASS CONTAINERS AND NO FIREARMS PERMITTED IN THE PIT AREA. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to abide by this rule will result in automatic suspension and removal.

4. Drivers will assume sole responsibility for the action of his/her car owner and crewmembers. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for the car owner and crewmembers in any and all matters pertaining to race events. Failure to control the actions of these guests could result in loss of prize money and/or points.

5. Drivers, car owners, and crewmembers will also be penalized for displaying unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalties will be at the discretion of HS management/officials. The decision of HS management/ officials is FINAL.

6. Stay in your own pit.

7. Any fighting will result in suspension for a minimum of 4 races


Safety Rules
1. Apparel
All safety apparel must be worn while on the racing surface. This will be enforced for practice and race dates.
A. Approved helmet Snell 95 or Snell 98 with buckle chinstrap.
B. Approved fire suit with no holes.
C. Approved fire retarding racing gloves and shoes are mandatory.
D. Goggles or shield required.

Safety Equipment

1. All drivers must use Snell 95 approved crash helmet. A full-face helmet is suggested. Goggles of face shield required.

2. A SFI certified fire suit is required and must be worn during any green flag condition. Fireproof gloves and shoes are mandatory.

3. Steering wheel center must be padded with at lest 2” of fire resistant material.

4. Steering wheel must be quick release type for all divisions, except Buzz and Hot Shot.

5. Left side window net with a quick release at the top is required and must be secured during any green flag condition.

6. A 5-point quick release safety belt no less that 3” is compulsory. 3” wide shoulder harness compulsory. Both ends must be fastened to roll cage with aircraft quality bolts not less than 3/8” in diameter. A steel plate may be welded to roll cage on right side of driver so the belt can be brought down in such a manner that will keep driver from sliding from side to side under the belt. All safety belts must be less than 3 years old.

7. Crotch belt required.

8. A fire extinguisher is required. 2-pound minimum. A five-pound HALON on-board fire extinguisher system is recommended. There will be a fire extinguisher inspection at any given time by the HS officials.

9.All cars must be self-starting. If class rules allow battery in driver’s area, it must be accommodated with an on/off switch and be fully enclosed.

Roll bars and seat

1. Racing type seat required. No fiberglass seats.

2. Seat must be mounted to roll cage and not to floor pan.

3. Steel roll cage compulsory. Roll bars must be welded. No pipe fitting. Roll bars must be minimum 14 gauge and 1 ¾” in diameter. HS officials must approve all roll cages.

4. All roll bars within drivers reach should be padded with fire resistant material.

5. Steel plates must be welded between door bars on driver side, all divisions.

6. It is recommended that all seats should have left and right side head rests.

Fuel Cell

1. Fuel cell required. Except Buzz and Hot Shot classes.

2. Fuel cell maximum size is 22 gallons.

3. It is recommended that fuel cell should be located as far forward as possible. Fuel cell must be between frame rails with proper ground clearance and secured with four 1/8” x 1” steel straps and must be approved by HS officials. NOTE: Ground clearance depends upon class- See division rules.

4. Fuel must be pump style only. No alcohol, methanol, or nitrous oxide permitted. No hazardous chemical mixture.

5. No fuel pressure system or electric fuel pumps allowed. Stock type mechanical fuel pumps.

6. Fuel cell caps must be in closed position at all times while car is on the track. Caps should be safety wired.

7. HS management/officials request that all cars use Huntsville Speedway fuel and all fuel purchases be made at the speedway.


1. Front windshield required. Modified and Standard Buzz classes see division rules.

2. Plexiglass windshield not allowed. Lexan windshield may be used instead of glass.

Cooling System

1. No antifreeze. No additives with antifreeze like substances. No Money, No Points if caught running antifreeze.

2. Overflow on radiator must have catch can for cars competing in Mini Stock and Super Street divisions. Late Model must run overflow tube to windshield. Modified must run overflow tube to right side windshield post.

3. Any type radiator can be used but must be located in original position. Stock classes.

4. Hood cannot be altered for radiator clearance. Stock classes only.


1. Cars must have a neat appearance. Show pride in all your hard work and time.

2. Numbers must be of distinguishable color and must be at least 22” high. Numbers must appear on both sides and on the roof of the car. Numbers must also appear on the left rear taillight and front right headlight.

3. All cars must have 6” of space at the top of the windshield, all the way across, for class sponsors name. Modified cars please leave backside of spoiler open.

4. Any car not carrying a class sponsors decal will not be scored for points.


1. Huntsville Speedway Hoosier Tires.

2. All cars must compete on tires officially approved and/or marked by Huntsville Speedway.

3. Huntsville Speedway’s owner requires all cars compete on tires bought from the speedway tire shop.

Driver and Car Registration

1. All drivers must complete the 2018 Huntsville Speedway drivers’ information form before being able to compete in races at HS. Once the form is turned in to the office, you may reserve your car number. The number you reserve will be yours for the entire season, no changes.


1. Inspection of participants’ vehicles will be accomplished at the sole discretion of the officials.

2. Cars are subject to being inspected at any time after entering the pits, as determined by officials. Inspection may take place before, during, and/or after race events.

3. There will be NO compensation for teardown or inspection.

4. It will be the responsibility of the drivers in the top 3 to move their cars to the designated inspection area immediately following the race.

5. Officials will limit admittance in the inspection area. No more than three team members allowed.

6. Drivers, car owner, and crew members may be disqualified for failure to observe and adhere to the rules as interpreted by officials, resulting in forfeiture of points and/or prize money.


1. Scales are open two hours prior to event start time.

2. Weighing the participants’ vehicles will be accomplished at the sole discretion of the officials. Cars are subject to being weighed at any time after entering the pits, as determined by officials. Weighing may take place before, during, and/or after race events.

3. The top 3 cars will be weighed at the end of a feature race.

4. It will be the responsibility of the driver to move his car to the scales immediately following the race, as instructed by the HS officials.

5. The first place finisher will proceed to victory lane upon race completion.

6. If a car incurs a weight loss during an event and/or before it reaches the scales at the end of an event, and does not weigh enough it is subject to an automatic penalty of disqualification. The only exception will be body parts that are lost during that race, which may be added back to car. Parts that can be added back will be determined by scale official.

7. Driver must accompany the car to scales.

8. When cars are being weighed, driver must be in race position by sitting upright, with both hands positioned on steering wheel, and helmet in his/her lap.

9. All ballast weight must be bolted or secured at all times.

10. No ballast weight inside of driver’s compartment.

11. All weight must be painted white with your car number on each piece of weight. Any Weight not meeting this will not be returned.

13. Lost weight may be purchased back for a fee of $10 per pound. Fee must be paid to the office prior to receipt of the weight or will be deducted from prize monies.

14. No in car weight shifting devices, lead pellets, liquid weights within the drivers reach.

15. Drivers, car owner, and crew members may be disqualified for failure to observe and adhere to the rules as interpreted by officials, resulting in forfeiture of points and/or prize money.

Race Procedures

1. All drivers, car owner, crew members, and other participants agree that by entering a HS race event they shall abide by the rules and regulations as set for the herein.

2. Insurance regulations require that any drivers competing at HS must obtain prior approval for Huntsville Speedway’s management in order to be eligible to compete.

3. It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct to block or cut up/down on a fellow driver. Officials will impose penalties as they see fit. Respect your fellow drivers as you expect them to respect you. Race and show respect.

4. All scoreboard displays are for information only and are not considered official. Decision of the race director shall be final.

5. All drivers will draw for starting position and/or qualifying order. Driver or a representative of the team MUST draw for position every week.Anyone who has not drawn 30 minutes prior to drivers’ meeting, will start in the rear of the field. Once qualifying is announced for your class, you have 5 minutes to be in line. If you aren’t in line in 5 minutes you will start in the rear.

6. Drivers or crew members will line up cars in assigned positions within announced time limit.

7. Qualifying will be at a designated time. Any driver change or change of car, following qualifying or official line up, will result in the loss of that position and movement to the rear of the field. If more than one car is involved, position will be determined by order of events.

8. All cars will be allowed to race, but must move over for leaders. Any car causing problems for the leaders will be parked.

9. Any car not able to qualify due to mechanical problems must demonstrate their ability to maintain race speeds.

10. Any car lapped within the first 8 laps or three times within 25 laps is subject to being black flagged. MUST NOT INTERFERE WITH RACE.

11. The enforcement of the black flag will be determined by the flagman and race director. Lapped cars will be allowed to race as long as they do not interfere with lead lap cars.

12. Lead lap cars will get their spot back if a spin results in contact with lapped traffic. If the lead lap car initiates the contact, then the lead lap car will go to the rear.

13. When race line up has been determined via qualifying, inversion, draw, etc. Any car that drops out of the race or loses it’s position for whatever reason, line up will be determined by moving that row of cars straight forward. Officials may revise line up before the start of the race.

14. No position change or passing will be allowed on the final parade lap. Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of starting position.

15. Officials have that right to consult with a driver without loss of position to the driver. Consultation with officials allowed, driver may ask for race director to recheck scoring. however any driver who stops on the track and refuses to continue after decision is made will be subject to being placed on the rear of the field, and/or being scored as losing a lap or laps to the leader. Scoring goes back to last completed green flag lap.

16. If a car is dragging an object, loses a part, or has a noticeable fluid leak, Flagman and/or official will pull car over for consultation and inspection. Car must go to pits for repair.

17. Any driver who refuses to remove his race car from the track upon request from the officials will be disqualified and/or suspended.

18. The official flagman and the green flag will start all race events. On re-starts, the leader will fire at start line.

19. Jumping the start, or brake checking will not be tolerated. You have 1 chance, after a second time, guilty car(s) will go to the rear. Habitual offenders will only have 1 chance for starts.

20. Completion of the first lap shall be when the lead car crosses the start-finish line for the first time after the green flag is displayed to all cars.

21. If the race is stopped or caution occurs before the first lap is completed there will be a complete re-start and all cars return to their original positions, unless a car chooses to pit. Cars choosing to pit must go to in at the rear of the field for the restart. No car or driver changes can be made after 1 complete green flag lap.

22. A driver may do minimal work to his car while on the race track, if the race is under red flag conditions. The driver is the only person allowed to do any work on the car. If crew members come on track, car will go to the rear.

23. In the event of an accident, cars will be towed immediately to the infield area. All participants except officials, wreckers, ambulance, and clean-up crew must stay off the track.

24. When an accident occurs, the officials may red flag the event if clean-up is expected to exceed 3 laps. When the red flag is lifted, cars will receive two full laps under caution and then resume green flag racing. If oil-dry is used, officials may deem it necessary to run two or more warm-up laps to test the racing surface.

25. When caution or red flag is displayed, race will be restarted according to last full green lap completed. Cars choosing to pit must fall in at the rear of the field for the restart. If the event is called prior to re-start, finishing order will is last green flag lap.

26. The official flagman will give a 3 lap courtesy hold to any cars involved in an altercation that had to pit. This allows cars to return to the event on the rear of the field. The 3 lap courtesy hold will be given after the final car involved in the altercation had entered the pits. As the second lap is completed, the field will get the one to go indication from the flagman.

27. Any car that speeds in the pits, in the opinion of HS management/official is subject to disqualification, a fine/penalty, and/or suspension. Everyone should always be aware in the pit area. SLOW DOWN

28. On restarts, race is started for all drivers when the green flag is displayed to the lead car. However, trailing cars will not advance their position except for an outside pass before crossing the start-finish line and taking the green flag. Example: 10th place car starts racing when green flag is displayed to the leader, and the green light is on. 10th place car may begin passing maneuvers immediately as long as they are on the outside lane. Car may pass and race at will after crossing the start-finish line, thus receiving the green flag.

29. Spin rule- if a car spins out for whatever reason and the caution flag is displayed, the cars bringing out the caution will be required to restart the event on the rear of the field. A car will not be penalized by being placed to the rear of the field, if that car spins out in order to avoid hitting the car that spun out ahead of him.

30. If in the judgment of the race director, you spin a car out on purpose, you will go to the back of the field with that car. You cannot spin to win an event.

31. HS officials and race director understand that “bumping” and “rubbing” will occur on the racetrack. However, any car that deliberately bumps or crashes into another car during a race or under a caution is subject to disqualification, penalty, and/or suspension.

32. If driver purposely stops on the track for any reason to bring out a caution, that car will be black flagged.

33. If a car slows or stops bringing out the caution, it must remain stopped on the track until help arrives or driver will be penalized one lap.

34. If the official flagman displays a black flag to any car, it must adhere to the flag within 3 laps. Car will not be scored after receiving the black flag fro 3 consecutive laps.

35. The last 3 laps will be run under green unless the race has a time limit.

36. In the event two cars cross the start-finish line at the same time and it cannot be determined who is ahead on the lap, the lead will be given to the car that was the leader of the previous lap.

37. Any driver involved in an accident serious enough their car has to be towed, the driver must be released by medical staff prior to leaving the track.

38. All classes will use cone. Except the HotShot/Buzz will have double file re-starts.

39. Top 3 finishers from previous event will start in rear – regardless of draw. Any driver not present at previous event will start in the rear. Any driver not registered one hour prior to start of that day’s events will be placed in rear. Exception: classes that qualify.

Prize Money

1. Drivers will be paid according to laps completed. Should the race end under a red-checkered, the finish and prize money will be the same as under a normal finish.

2. All prize money and trophies may be held on any race event until the official finishing order is released from scoring and/or official inspection is completed.

3. All prize money will be available in the speedway office immediately following that night’s race event. All prize money will be paid in cash. Prize money will be held in the office if not claimed on race night.

4. No changes will be made after prize money has been paid.

5. Only car owner and/or driver can collect and sign for prize money. All prize money must be signed for and will not be mailed. All monies not collected 30 days after season ends will be added to our point’s fund.

Point system

1. A driver will receive last place points for attempting to compete in nightly events if not disqualified. Any car not able to take the green flag, due to mechanical issues, will be scored if they are able to return to the race at RACE SPEED. Any cars re-entering and not able to maintain race speed will be BLACK FLAGGED and NOT SCORED.

2. A driver can compete for points in more than one race division on any given night. $25 Entry per extra class.

3. In the event of a tie for the season’s point championship, both racers will share the championship with trophies and awards .

4. All points will apply to the driver.

5. Any disqualification will result in 0 points, and 0 money.

6. Any race cancelled due to a rain out, will NOT be rescheduled. Any races not completed during an event, for any reason, will NOT be rescheduled.

Cone Rules

1. You must be on the lead lap to be eligible to use the cone.

2. When the caution is displayed, stay single file until the field is reset. Once the flagman gives the “one to go” signal, the cone will be placed on the entrance to turn 1. You must choose inside or outside BEFORE you reach the cone. Once you pass the cone you must stay in that lane until the green flag is displayed.

3. You cannot advance at the cone until the car in front of you decides which lane they will restart in. Then the next car may advance.

4. You cannot use the cone to advance if

A. You brought out the caution
B. You aren’t on the lead lap

C. You entered the pits during the caution.

5. If you’re ineligible to use the cone under the current caution, and are still on the lead lap at the next caution, you may use the cone to advance, provided A, B, or C from #4 above does not apply to you.

6. Cone will not be displayed if the race has 5 or less laps remaining.

7. Anyone hitting the cone will be placed to the rear of the field for the restart.