Drivers/Crew Members/Car Owners:

We are just 10 days away from the 2019 season opener at Huntsville Speedway when we will begin the 60th season of speed at the South’s Fastest Quarter Mile! At this time, I would like to remind all of our competitors to take the time to read, review, and understand the General Rules for Huntsville Speedway that have been posted on the website. These rules have been constructed to provide the safest, most competitive, and most fun environment possible for both the competitors and the fans. A difference that drivers will notice come March 30th is that our driver’s meetings will no longer be lengthy reviews of protocols. All of these topics are addressed in the General Rules with which everyone will be expected to familiarize themselves. Driver’s Meetings will be a quick review of scheduling for the evening’s events and a review of start/restart procedures along with any pertinent information that applies to that night. By virtue of streamlining, we are giving you the responsibility of knowing what we need and expect. Read up now, and be prepared! Also, remember the open practice for all divisions that will be offered at the Speedway this Saturday, March 23rd, from 1PM to 6PM. This will be an excellent time to dial in your cars before opening day!

Track Officials/Track Crew:

We will be having a brief official’s meeting at the conclusion of the driver’s meeting at our opening race day on March 30th. Please join us in the tire barn for a very brief review of our needs and expectations as we begin the 2019 season.
Thanks to everyone for your love and support of Huntsville Speedway! We look forward to seeing everyone at open practice this Saturday, and at Opening Night on March 30th for the Buster’s/Shagnasty’s Operation Owen Late Model 100!

Kevin Neal

Race Director

The Legendary Huntsville Speedway