Steven Davis Victorious in the STAR Super Truck Series

Shawn Kyzer Wins in the Sportsman Division; Jason Plunkett, Jr., Wins in the Pure Stocks

By Kevin Neal



In Qualifying, Daniel Bradford (14.488) in the STAR Super Trucks, Henry Wade (14.714) in the Sportsman, Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. (15.864) in the Pure Stock, Alex Campbell (15.080) in the Mini Modified, and David Dean, Jr. (15.631) in the Super Stocks were the fast time award winners.


In the STAR Super Trucks Series, Daniel Bradford was in familiar territory, capturing the fast time qualifier award, then rolling a four on the inversion die, placing Michael Neely and previous feature winner Jon Whitten on the front row for the special 75 lap feature. Neely would nab the lead at the drop of the greenand pace the field until lap 12 when Jon Whitten would make contact with the rear bumper of the Bama Parts Chevrolet, spinning him out of the lead in turn 2. Whitten, taking advantage of the Sportsmanship rule, tapped his roof, taking credit for the spin, and returning Neely to the point. Caution flew again on the next lap when Whitten himself would spin on his own in turn 2 after moving to the rear. Neely would continue his lead until lap 31, when Daniel Bradford would charge into the lead, followed by his Swampwater Louie’s team truck, driven by Steven Davis. Bradford would lead the field at a torrid pace and began to work traffic at the tail end of the field. At lap 48, Bradford began working on the number 62 truck of Jody Anderson, who was fervently trying to remain on the lead lap. Anderson had moved to the inside at lap 49, but Bradford’s truck made contact with his rear bumper, spinning him out. Per the track’s spin rule, both trucks were relegated to the rear of the field. On the next restart, new leader Steven Davis would leave his inside lane on the green, driving the 189 truck of Bryce Carver, who had moved to the outside front row using the restart cone, into the outside wall, and also collecting the 92 of Michael Neely. This sent the 96 of Davis to the rear with Bradford, but not for long. After completing a complete lap under green, with Jacob Stephens in the lead, Davis was able to use the cone to work his way back to the front at lap 52. Bradford would also take advantage of the cone on the final caution to wage war with his teammate Davis over the last 19 laps, but ultimately Davis would prove too strong, capturing the win with Bradford finishing second, followed by Jacob Stephens, Jody Anderson, and Andrew Whitaker rounding out the top five. With his sixth place finish, Michael Neely was able to secure the 2017 STAR SuperTruck Series Championship.


In the Sportsman Division, fast time qualifier Henry Wade rolled a four on the inversion die, placing the 12 of Bryan Faulkner on the pole, alongside the number 79 car of Shawn Kyzer for the final 30 lap Sportsman feature of the year. Kyzer and Faulkner would race tooth and nail for the first seven laps with the cars of Alan Callaway and Henry Wade tucked behind. Caution would fly at lap 7 when the cars of Faulkner and Callaway would collide, damaging both machines and sending both to the pits for repairs. Both would return to action with Callaway making his way back into third behind leader Kyzer and Henry Wade. Faulkner would ultimately retire at lap 16. Shawn Kyzer would continue to pace the field with Wade unable to find a way around the super fast 79. Kyzer would take the victory, followed by Wade, Callaway, Austin Evans, and Jonathan Campbell rounding out the top five. With his third place finish, Alan Callaway secured the 2017 Sportsman Division Championship.


In the Pure Stock Division, only 1 point separated Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. and Jason Plunkett, Jr. entering the final Pure Stock event of the season. In practice, Hendrixson, Jr. lost the motor in his number 33 machine. He was able to secure the number 4 car of Josh Pitt for the feature. Kaylea Cox and Nick Reed would start up front for the 30 lapper, but it didn’t take long for the two title contenders to work their way to the front of the pack. Unfortunately for Hendrixson, Jr., it wouldn’t take long for history to repeat itself as the engine expired in the former number 4 machine as well, taking with it his chances for the championship. Plunkett, Jr. would go on to win the feature, and in doing so secure the 2017 Pure Stock Division Championship.


In the Super Stock division, David Dean, Jr. rolled a three on inversion, putting his former number 21 car, piloted by Junior Jordan, on the pole alongside the number 18 of Brandon Walker. Walker and Jordan would do battle in the early laps, with Brandon Walker taking the lead. Walker, after having suffered his share of bad luck over the season, looked destined for victory, until contact between Jordan and Walker in turn four resulted in Walker breaking a rear end, ending his evening. Mike Mitchell, making his first start of the season at Huntsville, would himself on top of the heap, and, again, seemed poised to take the “W” driving a beautiful car that was once piloted by Darrell Waltrip in the NASCAR Late Model Sportsman division at Daytona. The car was not only beautiful, but a performer as Mitchell paced the field, doing battle with David Dean, Jr. Dean and Mitchell made contact exiting turn 4, bringing both vehicles towards the inside wall, while Mitchell stood on the gas trying to avoid the spin, lighting up the tires to the delight of the crowd. Since both cars were responsible for the caution, both were relegated to the rear, opening the door for Corey Wood to take the lead, pursued by Guile Hornbuckle. Wood would hold off Hornbuckle to take the win, followed by Mitchell, Butch Rogers, Dean, Jr., Jordan, and Walker.


In the Mini Modified Division, Alex Campbell rolled a one on the inversion, starting the field straight up alongside Austin Franklin, in his first start in the division this season. Despite having a fast machine, Campbell would only complete 8 laps before retiring from the event. Waiting in the wings was Jacob Hill, a winner in 3 or his 4 starts at Huntsville this year, who would take the win, followed by Austin Franklin, Wayne Pugh in an impressive showing in his new car, Zack Smith, driving the car that won the last Mini Modified race while driven by Jeremy Williams, and Doug Emerson, who, with his fifth place finish, secured the 2017 Mini Modified Division Championship.


In the Pro Buzz Division, Shane Jones made himself a seven time winner in his Lowery’s Tactical Firearms number 192, taking the win over the Gibbs Racing number 99 of Courtney Gibbs.


In the 15 lap Amateur Buzz event, Cameron Choate, making his first start of the year at Huntsville, took the win followed by Dennis Lane, Matthew Mason, and Danny Mason, who was disqualified in tech inspection.


In the Hot Shot Division, Jamie Bradford notched another win after a tight battle with Josh McElhone. McElhone was forced to retire on the last lap as his multiple feature winning car suffered mechanical issues. The Renegade cars, running in conjunction with the Hot Shot machines, saw Mike Martin as the top finisher when Steven Sullivan was black flagged due to heavy smoke boiling out his number 23 car.


  1. Steven Davis
  2. Daniel Bradford
  3. Jacob Stephens
  4. Jody Anderson
  5. Andrew Whitaker
  6. Michael Neely
  7. Brian Lambert, Jr.
  8. Matthew Tucker
  9. Jon Whitten
  10. Joe Davis
  11. Bryce Carver
  12. Parker Henegar
  13. John Thomas (DNS)
  14. Greg Sheppard (DNS)


  1. Shawn Kyzer
  2. Henry Wade
  3. Alan Callaway
  4. Austin Evans
  5. Jonathan Campbell
  6. Stan McClure
  7. Bryan Faulkner
  8. David Dean, Jr.


  1. Jason Plunkett Jr.
  2. Jason Plunkett Sr.
  3. Nick Reed
  4. Jerry Hendrixson Jr.
  5. Kaylea Cox


  1. Corey Wood
  2. Guile Hornbuckle
  3. Michael Mitchell
  4. Butch Rogers
  5. David Dean, Jr.
  6. Junior Jordan
  7. Brandon Walker


  1. Jacob Hill
  2. Austin Franklin
  3. Wayne Pugh
  4. Zack Smith
  5. Doug Emerson
  6. Jimmy Wise
  7. Matthew Tucker
  8. Tommy Robinett
  9. Kassey Rogers
  10. Alex Campbell
  11. Carl Griffitt (DNS)


  1. Shane Jones
  2. Courtney Gibbs


  1. Cameron Choate
  2. Dennis Lane
  3. Matthew Mason
  4. Danny Mason (DQ)


  1. Jamie Bradford
  2. Allen Gunter
  3. Cassie Hayes
  4. Josh McElhone


  1. Mike Martin
  2. Steven Sullivan