Jacob Stephens Flawless Return to Victory Lane in STAR Super Truck Division

Brian Faulkner Arrives to Victory Lane for the First Time this Season in the Sportsman Division; Matt Adams Takes the Win in the Pure Stock Division


By Sierra Thornton

The weather was in question for most of the day, but once the sky was clear, and the track was dry, there was racing under the lights at Huntsville Speedway.


In qualifying, Jon Whitten (14.614) in the STAR Super Trucks, Bryan Faulkner (14.887) in Sportsman, and Matt Adams (16.040) in the Pure Stock captured the fast time qualifying awards.


In the STAR Super Truck Division, the fast time qualifier Jon Whitten rolled a six, and by inversion placing the number 14 of Greg Sheppard on the pole alongside the BAMA PARTS/Steam Master Carpet Cleaning number 92 of Michael Neely. On the initial start the 14 of Greg Sheppard claimed the lead, but would remain in deep water as the J5 of Jacob Stephens was making a blistering pace towards the front. From the drop of the green flag Neely in the 92 was noticeably falling back, placing the Windows World/Veloce number 189 of Bryce Carver third and the fast time qualifier number 31 of Jon Whitten fourth. On lap five a caution fell for a single car spin by the number 32 of Andrew Whitaker. Coming to the cone, Bryce Carver in the number 189 took the outside to restart alongside the leader, Jacob Stephens the number J5. Neely in the number 92 also took the outside starting alongside the number 14 of Greg Sheppard in row two. On the restart Neely was able to get around Sheppard, as well as, Whitten and Whitaker. As Jacob Stephens remained in the lead, a battle for second would take place between Neely and Carver. The battle would remain constant until lap eighteen when the 92 of Michael Neely spun. The reasoning for the caution was the spin by Neely, but the number 14 of Greg Sheppard seemed to have suffered from a blown engine and ending his night. The number 32 of Andrew Whitaker also had his night come to an early end on lap nineteen, leaving four drivers to fight for the victory. The number 31 of Jon Whitten chose to take the outside by using the cone. Coming to the restart, Jacob Stephens remained the leader, and the number 31 of Whitten was able to keep the second spot after restarting on the outside. The pace was set as the cars began spreading out, until lap 25 when Neely made the pass for third on Carver and set his sights on the number 31 of Whitten. With the laps winding down, Neely was making efforts to catch second place of Whitten, but ran out of laps to compete for second. Jacob Stephens in the number J5 claimed the victory with back-to-back wins and his third win of the season. Jon Whitten in the number 31 finished second, followed by Michael Neely in the number 92 and Bryce Carver in the number 189.


In the Sportsman Division, the fast time qualifier Bryan Faulkner rolled a second on inversion, placing the number 18 of Brandon Curren on the pole and the number 12 of Faulkner on the outside of row one. At the drop of the green Curren and Faulkner continued to make contact resulting in Curren spinning out on lap two. The incident resulted in a cut tire for the number 18 of Curren and cosmetic damage for the number 16 of David Jenkins, however, both drivers were able to remain in the race. Alan Callaway, racing in Bradley Malone’s Super Stock, in the number 15 saw his night come to an early end when he retired from the race on lap 2. With the 18 having to restart in the back after the spin, Bryan Faulkner was able to create distance between himself and the field. With his lead from the field growing, the number 18 of Curren was making his way through the field and setting his sights on Faulkner in the number 12. Curren was able to catch Faulkner and it seemed like there would be a battle to the finish with ten laps to go. On lap 21 a caution fell for the number 60 of Henry Wade, ending his night because of mechanical failure. Brandon Curren would restart on the outside alongside Bryan Faulkner after using the cone. On the restart Brandon Curren would capture the lead from Faulkner. As the checkered flag waved the number 18 of Brandon Curren was the unofficial winner, but while he was in post inspection he was disqualified for being too light on weight. At the end of the night Bryan Faulkner was the official winner, followed by the number 316 of Jonathan Campbell and the number 16 of David Jenkins, whose night ended on lap 26.


In the Pure Stock Division, fast time qualifier Matt Adams rolled a four on inversion, placing the number 4 of Josh Pitt on the pole. In qualifying the number 93 Nick Reed qualified third, and after the inversion Reed would’ve started on the outside pole, but chose to start in the rear of the field. Because of the track rules, Matt Adams, who would’ve been starting the fourth position, was able to move up and start on the outside front row. At the drop of the green flag Matt Adams took the lead, but he had to battle with the number 33 of Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. and the number 38 of Jason Plunkett, Jr. On lap ten Hendrixson, Jr. was able to loosen up Adams and make the pass for the lead followed by Plunkett, Jr. By getting Matt Adams loose it caused a spin by Nick Reed which resulted in the first caution on lap ten. Coming to the restart the 33 of Hendrixson, Jr. and the 38 of Plunkett, Jr. would be starting side-by-side. The number 38 would take the lead and both drivers would continue to battle. On lap 24, Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. and Plunkett, Jr. made contact which sent the number 38 of Plunkett, Jr. into the wall ending his night. Hendrixson, Jr. was forced to enter the pits with a cut tire, but he was able to return. The contact and caution placed the fast time qualifier, Matt Adams, in the lead. On the restart Matt Adams kept the lead and was able to stretch it out to the checkered flag. Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. was able to fight his way back through the field, after the caution on lap 24, and finish second. Jason Plunkett, Sr. in the number 43, Nick Reed in the number 93, and Josh Pitt in the number 4 rounded out the top five.


In the Super Stock Division, tempers ran high starting at the drop of the green flag between Junior Jordan and Caleb Thornberry. Contact was made resulting in a spin by the number 98 of Todd Cagle. Cagle was forced to go to the pits because of a cut tire. Once he returned to the track we were able to get back to the green flag. On the restart, the number 19 of Austin Evans was able to take the lead from the number 14 of Caleb Thornberry. The number 29 of Junior Jordan and then number 21 of David Dean, Jr. were able to get around Thornberry for second and third. On lap seven, the number 14 of Thornberry, the number 15 of Bradley Malone, and the number 1 of Austin Thornton went three wide which resulted in a spin by the number 14. Thornberry was able to continue without having to pit, Thornton, however, had a cut tire. Thornton was able to return, but on lap nine he would retire the race due to damage sustained from the incident. The number 19 of Austin Evans and the number 21 of David Dean, Jr. were able to stretch their lead and continued to battle for the remaining of the laps. When the checkered flag waved it was Austin Evans claiming victory for the first time this season. The number 21 of David Dean, Jr., the number 27 of John Thomas, the number 15 of Bradley Malone, and the number 29 of Junior Jordan rounded out the top five.


In the Mini Modified Division, Charles McKee in the number 121 would claim the lead at the drop of the green flag. Charles McKee would have to battle to keep the lead with the number 85 of Jeremy Davis and the number 9 of Tommy Robinett. A caution would come out for the spin of the number 22 of Patrick Christian. Coming to the restart the number 85 of Jeremy Davis and the number 9 of Tommy Robinett both took the outside lane by using the cone. They were able to pass the number 121 of Charles McKee and the two-raced hard and clean to the checkered flag. Jeremy Davis was able to return to victory lane and capture his seventh win of the season. Tommy Robinett in the number 9, Charles McKee in the number 121, Kevin Harrison in the number 31, and Patrick Christian in the number 22 rounded out the top five.


In the Pro Buzz Division, Shane Jones was able to hold on to the lead for the majority of the race, but on lap twelve he would run out of gas, giving the unofficial victory to Matthew Robbins. However, Robbins win was encumbered by failing post inspection giving the victory to Floyd Brown. Kaylea Cox was able to get the victory in the Buzz Division.


On the initial start of the race the number 01 of Josh McElhone took the lead. A caution would come out for Allen Gunter for hitting the wall and the field would be bunched back together. When the race went back green McElhone had a battle with the number 13 of Jeremy Price, but was able to stretch his lead and take the victory in the Hot Shot Division.


STAR Super Trucks:

  1. Jacob Stephens
  2. Jon Whitten
  3. Michael Neely
  4. Bryce Carver
  5. Andrew Whitaker
  6. Greg Sheppard


  1. Bryan Faulkner
  2. Jonathan Campbell
  3. David Jenkins
  4. Henry Wade
  5. Alan Callaway

Pure Stock:

  1. Matt Adams
  2. Jerry Hendrixson, Jr.
  3. Jason Plunkett, Sr.
  4. Nick Reed
  5. Josh Pitt
  6. Curtis Thornberry
  7. Jason Plunkett, Jr.

Super Stock:

  1. Austin Evans
  2. David Dean, Jr.
  3. John Thomas
  4. Bradley Malone
  5. Junior Jordan
  6. Caleb Thornberry
  7. Todd Cagle
  8. Austin Thornton

Mini Stock:

  1. Jeremy Davis
  2. Tommy Robinett
  3. Charles McKee
  4. Kevin Harrison
  5. Patrick Christian
  6. Doug Emerson

Pro Buzz:

  1. Floyd Brown
  2. Shane Jones


  1. Kaylea Cox
  2. Dakoda Emerson

Hot Shot:

  1. Josh McElhone
  2. Jeremy Price
  3. Jamie Bradford
  4. Allen Gunter
  5. Ben Jennings