The COVID-19 pandemic claims yet another date for competition at Huntsville Speedway Alabama. The management of Huntsville Speedway Alabama has reached the decision to suspend the date of May 16th, 2020 for our opening event.


The regular season, once the approval of the government leaders will assume with the schedule posted for the 2020 season. The Buster’s Pro Late Model 100 will be scheduled at a future date. Mark Vess with Buster’s Pawn Shop/Buster’s Bait & Tackle continues to support the season at Huntsville Speedway. The past few weeks, Huntsville Speedway has seen renewed interest and many new participants seeking information about competing at the south’s fastest quarter mile. Huntsville Speedway management will adhere to the guidelines at all times for COPID-19. Once we get the approval to start the season, all who enter the premises and confines of the speedway, will be asked to respect and obey all posted procedures.

We ask that you continue to monitor Huntsville Speedway social media, including the website and Twitter feed. As we previously stated in an earlier communication be prepared to start the season on a short notice. Once we pick up the regular season schedule, we will continue to compete every week with our last event for the season to be the “Night Of Champions” set for September 19th, 2020.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding and hope to see you soon at Huntsville Speedway for the best quarter mile action in the south. Website: Facebook: Huntsville Speedway

With kindest regards,

Robbie & Karen Edger

Owner/Operator Huntsville Speedway Alabama