By Ronnie Norton

The STAR SuperTrucks, Sportsman, and Pure Stock drivers took center stage  for the weekend’s racing action at Huntsville Speedway.

STAR SuperTrucks
Fast time qualifier Jon Whitten rolled a 6 on the inversion putting the number 32 of Andrew Whittaker on the pole alongside the number 85 machine of Joe Davis. Davis took the lead on lap 1.

The 92 of Michael Neely made his way around Jacob Stephens and Bryce Carver on lap 2 to take 3rd. Neely continued to charge forward, surpassing Whittaker for second on lap 3. Lap 4 saw Whitten moving to 3rd followed by Bryce Carver in 4th. On lap 17 Whitten would get under Whittaker to take the runner-up spot. At lap 29 Michael Neely claimed the lead while Whitten, Stephens, and Carver battled aggressively for position.

Caution flew at lap 32 for a spin involving Andrew Whittaker. The 85 of Joe Davis took advantage of the cone on the restart. On lap 33, the 5 of Stephens and Joe Davis made contact with the 85 of Davis spinning as a result. Stephens and Davis went to the rear for the restart with Jon Whitten taking the cone on the restart. At lap 34 the 62 of Jody Anderson spun bringing out another caution.

At lap 35, Bryce Carver took the lead on restart with the 92 of Neely all over his bumper. Neely would surpass Carver for the lead at lap 45. In the midst of hard racing at lap 46, Carver made contact with Neely, causing him to spin out of the lead. Carver took advantage of the  Sportsmanship clause and taps putting him in the rear and Neely out front for a single file restart.

Michael Neely picked up his third STAR SuperTruck win of the season followed by Jon Whitten, Jacob Stephens, Joe Davis, and Jody Anderson rounding out the top five finishers.

In the 30 lap Sportsman feature, Henry Wade quickly took the lead on lap 1. The 12 of Bryan Faulkner, the 6 of Alan Callaway, and the 316 of Jonathan Campbell went three wide with some rubbing involved on lap 2. That resulted in Faulkner taking 2nd, Callaway moving to 3rd and Campbell to 4th. On lap 15, Callaway went on the outside of Faulkner, finally making the pass on lap 21. Wade had built up a straightaway lead, but Callaway was able to run him down and make the pass for the win on the last lap.

Pure Stock
In the Pure Stock 30 lap feature, Jerry Hendrixson, Jr. moved to 2nd on the first lap bringing the 38 of Jason Plunkett, Jr. with him into 3rd. At lap 6, Hendrixson, Jr. and Plunkett, Jr. were able to manuever around the 4 car of Josh Pitt. Hendrixson, Jr. lead the rest of the way with the 38 of Plunkett, Jr. beating on his bumper.

Super Stock
In the 20 lap Super Stock feature, The 21 of David Dean, Jr. and the 98 of Todd Cagle made contact in turn 1 on lap 1. Dean and Junior Jordan would surpass Cagle on lap 2. Dean, jr. would lead the remaining laps en route to the win. Jordan and Cagle would tangle coming off turn 4 on the final lap. Jordan spun and came to a stop backwards just shy of the finish line. The 27 of Guile Hornbuckle came in 3rd with Jordan finishing 4th.

Courtney Gibbs and Floyd Brown started on the front row but Shane Jones took the lead on the back stretch on lap one and lead all 15 laps for the win.

Hot Shot
In the 15 lap Hot Shot feature, Josh McElhone and 02 started on the front row. The 00 of Jeremy Price did not come up to speed on the start and wound up bringing out the caution on lap 2. McElhone kept the lead on the restart and led the rest up the way picking up the win.

Huntsville Speedway will return to action next SUNDAY AFTERNOON to allow fans to enjoy the opening weekend of college football with the Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, Mini Modifieds, Super Stock, Buzz and Pro Buzz, and Hot Shot divisions.

The Pit gates will open at 12:30PM, front gates at 3PM, with qualifying beginning at 4PM and the first green flag of the evening flying at 5PM.

STAR Supertruck Division:
1. 92 – Michael Neely
2. 31 – Jon Whitten
3. 5 – Jacob Stephens
4. 85 – Joe Davis
5. 62 – Jody Anderson
6. 189 – Bryce Carver
7. 32 – Andrew Whitaker
8. 21 – Brian Lambert, Jr.

9. 43 – Matthew Tucker (DNS)
10. 67 – Daniel Bradford (DNS)
11. 14 – Greg Sheppard (DNS)

Sportsman Division:
1. 6 – Alan Callaway
2. 60 – Henry Wade
3. 12 – Bryan Faulkner
4. 316 – Jonathan Campbell

Pure Stock Division:
1. 33 – Jerry Hendrixson, Jr.
2. 38 – Jason Plunkett, Jr.
3. 4 – Josh Pitt
4. 93 – Nicholas Reed
5. 43 – Jason Plunkett, Sr.

Super Stock Division:
1. 21 – David Dean, Jr.
2. 98 – Todd Cagle
3. 27 – Guile Hornbuckle
4. 29 – Junior Jordan
5. 14 – Caleb Thornberry

Buzz Division:
1. 192 – Shane Jones
2. 99 – Courtney Gibbs
3. 84 – Floyd Brown

Hot Shot Division:
1. 01 – Josh McElhone
2. 02 – Brandon Moman
3. 46 – Jamie Bradford
4. 15 – Allen Gunter
5. 00 – Jeremy Price
6. 46X – Tommy Rigsby (DNS)