Drivers and teams who were present for the Super Stock, Pure Stock, and Baby Grands features that were preempted by inclement weather on May 23 rd will be given the opportunity to make-up these races, with the same potential for earning championship points as if the races had occurred on opening night.

For the Super Stock division, that make-up date will be May 30 th , Pure Stock will be June 6 th , and the date for the Baby Grands is yet to be determined. Should any of these dates be preempted due to weather, then the date will fall to the next night where these divisions are regularly scheduled to compete. This is the protocol and procedure for these make-up events.

The make-up feature will be scheduled as the second event for the evening. Only the drivers who were present for the May 23 rd race date will be allowed to compete in the make-up race. The line-up for the race will be the same line-up determined by scoring on May 23 rd . There will be no redraw or requalifying for these races. If a competitor is unable to attend on the make-up date, his or her row will be moved up accordingly by scoring. Drivers participating in a make-up race will not be charged an additional entry fee for the make-up race. However, if the driver wishes to compete in the second feature of the night, they must pay the entry fee for that race to receive championship points. The second feature of the night will be open to all competitors in that division that are present at the track that night, and the line-up for that race will be determined by draw or qualifying on that race night.

Thank you for your support of The Legendary Huntsville Speedway!

Kevin Neal
Race Director
The Legendary Huntsville Speedway