June 16, 2024

2024 Buzz

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide
for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum
acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the
condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all
participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO
REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the
sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a
participant, spectator or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and
appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose
any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the
minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED
SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left
to discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
The Management of Huntsville Speedway
Warning! If you attempt to abuse the rules set forth
by Huntsville Speedway for the 2024 Buzz Division,
we will have no choice but to refuse your request for
participating. Just because the rules don’t say you
can’t, does not mean that you can!
Refer to Huntsville Speedway’s General Rules for a full list of
rules regarding driver, pit and car safety.
Racing radios and neck restraints recommended.
Body Rules

  1. Any stock 4 cylinder sedan, mini truck, and van or station
    wagon. 2 or 4 door allowed. No Mazda Miatas or Honda
    S2000s type sport cars allowed. Only cars made for and
    sold new in the US auto market permitted. Rear wheel drive
    cars must first be approved by Huntsville Speedway Buzz
  2. Minimum weights before and after the race – see Engine
  3. All glass must be removed. Windshield may remain if no
    visible cracks on drivers side.
  4. Only three steel brace bars with high tinsel steel mesh
    over entire windshield area or 1/8” Lexan/Polycarbonate
    may be used if factory windshield is removed. No lightweight
    wire (NO CHICKEN WIRE.)
  5. All flammable material must be removed, such as cloth,
    plastic, etc. Interior must remain open. Must be able to
    view complete floor pan or weight penalties will apply.
  6. All driver and passenger air bags must be removed.
  7. All doors, hood, and trunk must be secured during race.
    Doors are to be welded or bolted shut. Must be able to open
    hood and trunk. Stock hood and trunk hinges can be
    Hood and Trunk latch must be removed and replaced with a
    minimum of 2 hood pins in each.
  8. Hulling or cutting of body allowed. Weight penalty will be
    accessed for excessive hulling.
  9. Body must be complete at the start of each race in a
    complete stock appearance, including hoods, hatches and
    bumper covers. Minimum 26 gauge steel. No aluminum.
  10. Vehicles must be painted with a unique paint scheme.
    We would like to see wild and crazy paint schemes. The
    numbers must be 20” in height and on both sides and on the
    roof of the vehicle.
  11. Mirror allowed inside car.
  12. Car must start by stock ignition switch with a key or by
    a starter button/power switch panel approved by Huntsville
    Speedway Buzz Official.
  13. Car must not have any sharp or pointed edges that
    could harm or injure the driver, tech official or safety crew.
  14. Car must have aluminum racing seat.
  15. Dash may be removed but roll bar must installed in its
  16. Rear spoiler maximum 6” tall and must not exceed the
    width of the body and HS approved. No side foils, fins,

splitters, chin spoilers or ledges allowed anywhere.

  1. Non-functional Vtecs are permitted. No turbos or
    superchargers. No imported drivetrains allowed. Factory
    programmed ECU only. Vtec/cam timing systems cannot be
    manually or electrically engaged. Solenoid block off plates
    or non-vtec computers recommended for limp mode.
  2. Cars competing with less than 155 horsepower will
    weight a minimum of 2100 lbs.
  3. Cars competing with more than 155 horsepower or
    equipped with Vtec/variable cam timing will weight a
    minimum of 2300 lbs.
  4. All engines must be stock for make and model of vehicle.
    Your unaltered VIN is your proof. Any attempt to alter or
    destroy VIN, engine serial number is grounds for automatic
    disqualification. Engines must remain completely stock and
    in stock position.
  5. Removal of entire A/C and heating components are
  6. Exhaust must exit either in the rear or passenger side of
    car. Aftermarket headers allowed. Catalytic converter may
    be removed.
  7. Cold air intake and aftermarket air filters allowed. Both
    must stay under hood. No forced air allowed.
  8. Pump gas or fuel from Huntsville Speedway only. No
    E85, alcohol or fuel performance enhancers allowed.
  9. Automatic or manual transmissions allowed.
  10. Stock clutch, pressure plate only. Aftermarket flywheels
    allowed. Machining of factory or aftermarket flywheels not
  11. No positive traction allowed.
  12. No altering of frame or suspension in anyway. Spring
    changes or spring rubbers allowed.
  13. No wheel spacers allowed with racing wheels.
  14. Camber allowed in all four wheels.
  15. HS approved street legal DOT tires only. No racing tires
    allowed. No tire under a “60” series allowed. No beadlocks,
    air bleeders or pop-offs.
    Wheel option 1:
    Steel racing wheels allowed with 8” maximum width and a
    3” minimum offset using 1” lug nuts. Tires must have a
    treadwear rating of 300 or more. All 4 tires and wheels must
    be the same size and offset.
    Wheel option2:
    Unaltered stock steel or stock aluminum wheels allowed with
    2” spacer/adaptor and 6” maximum width and factory offset.
    Tires must have a treadwear rating of 300 or more. All four
    tires and wheels must be the same size and offset.
    Safety Equipment
  16. 4-point roll cage required in all vehicles. .090 gauge 1 ¾
    tubing only. Must have full halo and a bar running behind
    the seat from left side of roll cage to right side of roll cage.
    Seat belt shoulder harness is to be connected to this bar.
    Rear kicker bars will be allowed. (No “H” Post allowed)
  17. ¼” steel plate welded to cage on driver’s side or 4 door
    bars welded to drivers side roll cage with 1/8” steel plating
    between bars from A post to B post.
  18. Aluminum racing seat required.
  19. 5 point (minimum) harness required. Lap belts must bolt
    to stock lower seat belt locations. Shoulder belts must
    mount to roll bar running behind the seat.
  20. Battery may be relocated to behind drivers seat forward
    of rear struts. Battery must be secured in a steel battery
    box (no plastic) that is bolted or welded to the floor of the
    car. If battery is relocated, you must have power cut off
    switch within drivers reach and highly visible to safety crew.
    All battery locations must be approved by Huntsville
  21. Must have a 2 pound minimum, fully operational fire
    extinguisher with a gauge and an all steel quick release
    mounted securely in car within reach of driver while belted
    in car.
  22. Must have quick release type window net. Window net
    must release from top of net towards front of car. Driver
    must be able to release net from inside the car.
    Before Start of Race
  23. There will be a draw to determine starting order, unless
    asked to qualify.
  24. All starts will be double file, cone rule will apply on
  25. The 1 st place finisher from previous event will start in rear
    the next race he or she competes in, regardless of the draw
    or qualifying order. Any driver not registered one hour prior
    to start of that day’s events will be placed in the rear of the
    field but in front of last weeks winner.
  26. Any and all weight penalties will follow both car and driver
    if separated.
  27. Top three finishers of each race will receive a trophy on
    the front stretch after every race with a driver interview.
  28. Management reserves the right to alter, change or adjust
    weight limits to all conforming and non-conforming cars
    without first consulting with competing drivers.
  29. Any dominating car deemed with an unfair advantage will
    be subject to adding additional weight, adding a restrictor
    plate and/or limiting maximum RPMs. (i.e. with back to back
    wins with car count considered.) RPM settings will be
    determined at the time rule insertion.
    This division is intended for beginners and to be an
    affordable way of racing. No bending of the rules will be
    tolerated. Anyone deemed by officials to have broken or
    stretched these rules will be DQ’d from that event. If it’s not
    stock, it’s illegal!!