Super Trucks

Huntsville Speedway Star Super Truck Rules 2023

Warning!  If you attempt to abuse the rules set forth by the Star Super Truck Division for the 2023 season, Huntsville Speedway will have no choice but to refuse your request for participating.  Just because the rules don’t say you can’t, does not mean that you can!

Safety: All safety apparel must be worn at all times while on the track.

1. All drivers must use a Snell approved helmet. A full face is suggested. Goggles or face shield required.

2. Head & neck restraint is recommended. A Hans or Hans type device is recommended.

3. Complete fire suit, gloves and shoes are mandatory. Must be in good shape with no holes etc.

4. Driver’s window net must have a quick release with latch at top left (A post). Release should be painted a fluorescent color or have a orange tether cord/pull tab i.e. parachute cord in a minimum of 5” in length Window net must be secured during any time on the track and when latched must fit tight.

5. All roll bars within drivers reach must be padded with fire resistant material.

6. Must have a quick release steering wheel with a 2” fire proof padding in center.

7. A 5 point safety harness with a crotch belt is required. Must be no older than 5 years old and in good condition.

Harness must be mounted according to manufacturer specs. (Over the shoulders and not against the neck).

8. A minimum of a 2 lb fully charged fire extinguisher is mandatory and mounted within drivers reach and must be secured in an all steel bracket. An on board fire system is highly recommended.

9. A battery disconnect switch is mandatory and must be easily accessible to the safety crew. Must be clearly marked “ON” and “OFF”, recommended to be mounted on the rear deck right behind driver and readable by safety crew from outside the truck.

10. Minimum of one 360 degree drive shaft loop is mandatory and must be approved by HS officials.  Two safety loops is recommended to increase safety.

11. All lead and drive shaft must be painted white with truck # on it. Lead must have at least one ½” bolt with a lock nut (preferably two bolts if not in a lead box) and no smaller than 5 lbs. No lead allowed inside the driver’s compartment.

12.  NO carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium or tungsten allowed anywhere in or on truck. Carbon fiber helmets and neck restraints are allowed.

13.  Racing type seats are required. No fiberglass seats allowed.

14.  Seats must be mounted to roll cage.

Roll Cage

1. Roll cages must be built of 1 ¾”o.d. round tubing by .095 gauge. All cages must be approved by Tech official.

2. Minimum of 3 door bars (4 recommended) on the left side plated with at least 1/6th steel.

Fuel System

1. Fuel cell must not be larger than 22 gallons, mounted between frame rails and in a steel container. It must be

mounted with square tubing at the top with a minimum of 4 1/8th by 1” steel straps surrounding the entire fuel cell.

1” square tubing is recommended around fuel cell.

2. Fuel cell must have a protection bar of 1 ¾” o.d. round tubing by .095 gauge at least ½” lower than fuel cell and the width of fuel cell can.

3. Fuel cell must be at least 7” above ground at ride height.

4. Fuel line must go from fuel cell to carburetor and shall not run inside of driver’s compartment. Steel braided fuel lines are highly recommended.

5. No electric fuel pumps allowed except on LS engines.  LS engines must be equipped with a back up fuel shut off controlled by oil pressure.

Traction Control

1.  ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRICAL or MECHANICAL TRACTION CONTROL OF ANY TYPE. Anyone caught with a electrical or mechanical traction control device i.e. Davis Traction Control of any type will be fined no less than $1,000.00 and cannot race with STAR until fine is paid in full.

Engine/ Weight:

1. Only cast iron V8 engine blocks permitted, including LS engines.

2. No aluminum engine blocks allowed.

3. Minimum 2850 lbs, 2875 lbs for Aluminum Transmission(go to transmissions) with 1 lb per lap burn off allowed. All green and yellow laps will be counted after first green flag attempt.

4. Maximum left side weight is 56% (go to shocks for 57% rule).

5. No weight shifting devices, lead pellets or liquid weights allowed.

6. Dislodged weight cannot be added after race. Any truck that loses weight will result in a fee of $10 per pound penalty to be paid prior to receiving the lost weight back or the penalty will be deducted from their prize money.

Body panels that are lost during the race can be added back to truck upon approval of STAR Officials.

7. The Driver must claim left side percentage on windshield before and after Tech Inspection and remain on windshield for the duration of the race. Any left side weight over, after the race with fuel burnoff, that was claimed by the Driver during the Tech Inspection will forfeit money, points and a possible fine to be paid before that truck or driver will be allowed to race with STAR again.

Bodies/ Interiors:

Take pride in what you have invested your money, time, blood, sweat and tears into!

1. Bodies must be neat in appearance.

2. Body must maintain original configuration, size and shape and be approved by STAR Officials.

3. Bodies will be stock appearing fiberglass, PVC or aluminum replicas with a minimum clearance of 4” from the ground without driver, and all aluminum body panels must be no thinner than .040”.

4. Minimum of 28” allowed between the top crossbar at shoulder height behind driver’s seat to the center of the rear end while at ride height.

5. Minimum roof height is 55 ½” measured in the center of roof 10” back from top of windshield. Maximum roof height at the rear of roof is 56”.

6. Minimum rear deck height is 36” measured where the spoiler meets the deck.

7. Rear deck must be completely covering the rear of body. Must have an inspection opening of no less than 24” wide by 30” deep with positive fasteners.

8. Front and rear window openings must be covered with 1/8” thick clear polycarbonate over the entire opening. Clear polycarbonate side vents are acceptable and cannot exceed 9” in height.

9. Front windshield must have a support bracket or brackets. All body supports must remain inside of the body structure.

10. Hoods must remain flat as possible with a maximum opening of 2 ½”x 20” with back edge of opening either meeting the windshield or a maximum of 1” from it. Fresh air deflector is permitted. Deflector must be aluminum and no larger than 2” down and 2” in by 20” wide with square bends. End caps can be no larger than 2”x 2”.

11. Rear spoilers are mandatory with a maximum width of 60” and a maximum height of 6”. Spoilers can be made of 1/8” aluminum or 1/8” clear polycarbonate. No forward rudders or mounting brackets allowed.

12. Hood must have at least 4 positive fasteners or 2 positive fasteners on the front with 2 rear hinges.

13. Interiors must be complete and shield the driver from ground, engine compartment and fuel cell area.

14. Rear view mirror is allowed inside of truck only.

Oiling and Cooling System:

1. Oiling system must be wet sump system.

2. Only one block mounted screw on OEM type oil filter is permitted.

3. Only block mounted belt driven water pumps allowed. Manual and Electric fans permitted. Fan shroud may not

extend more than 2” past fan blades. Aluminum radiator permitted and must be mounted in front of engine.

4. No antifreeze! No additives with antifreeze like substances. If caught, $250 fine, no prize money or points.

Carburetor/ Fuel:

1. Any Holley 650 cfm 4 barrel or smaller is allowed, 2 barrels included.  No electronic fuel injection permitted.

2. Only one Carburetor per engine permitted.

3. Only one aluminum spacer permitted between carburetor and intake and cannot exceed 1” in height with one gasket per side not to exceed .070 thick.

4. Carburetor must have 2 return springs. Throttle stop is recommended.

Huntsville Speedway ask that all STAR truck drivers support the speedway by purchasing their race fuel from the track.

Air Cleaner:

1. Air cleaner must be on truck while the truck is on the track. Jam nut recommended.

2. K&N filter is allowed 12“-20” in diameter maximum 5” in height.

3. Cowl induction, air ducts or baffles are not permitted on or leading to the air cleaner.

4. No sheet metal heat shields or any other type of hot air deflection device or air flow deflection device will be allowed past the back side of the radiator or in the engine compartment.


1. Any type of tubular header permitted and must have a single flange.

2. Exhaust must extend beyond the driver and exit out the right side.

3. True visible mufflers are suggested and exhaust system sound must not exceed 100 decibels at 100 feet.


1. OEM and aftermarket replacement distributors permitted. Only MSD 6 series ignition systems are permitted.

2. NO aftermarket Crankshaft Triggering systems or magneto distributors allowed. LS engines allowed to run OEM style crankshaft sensor.

3. Only one battery permitted. Must be securely mounted outside cockpit and behind driver. Dry Cell battery is highly recommended for everyone’s safety.


1. 3 or 4 speed manual cast iron transmissions with OEM gears and bearings only permitted. No low friction

bearings or gears allowed. All Transmissions must have all forward and reverse gears working.

  • Stock OEM Aluminum housing Transmission permitted. Must have OEM casting numbers. No straight cut gears allowed. Must have 2 forward and one reverse working gears. Aluminum Transmission must add 25 lbs.

3. Automatic transmissions permitted and may run a drive coupler or a dummy converter and must be a OEM GM turbo 350, Ford C4 or C6, or Dodge 904 or 727 automatic transmission with all forward and reverse gears working. No low friction bearings or gears allowed.


1. Minimum 7 ¼” clutch assembly is permitted.

2. Hydraulic throw out bearings are permitted.

3. No reverse mount starters allowed.

4. No aluminum, titanium, tungsten or magnesium bell housing, clutch, pressure plate or flywheel parts allowed.

5. Quarter Master or Lakewood type steel bell housing permitted.

6. All trucks must run a starter motor and it must crank the engine over on its own power, before and after the race.


1. Drive shafts must be of similar design to standard OEM production type and must be made of steel.

Rear Ends:

1. Original 10 bolt GM:

A. Must be all steel with no aluminum parts except for rotor hats.

B. Gears 7.5 or 7 inch

C. Any ring and pinion ratio permitted. Steel mini spools, positive track units and locker type rear ends permitted.

2. 9 inch Ford:

A. Must be all steel with no aluminum parts except for axle caps and rotor hats.

B. Steel mini spools or steel full spool (8lbs Minimum) permitted.

Positive track units and locker type rear ends permitted.

Both Ford or GM must bolt in place utilizing all 4 rear links. Trailing arms must mount in stock location.

Top 2 links can be fully adjustable for pinion angle or may use modified original stock arms. Top links must be steel and be within 1” of original OEM length.  No aluminum trailing arms or aluminum heim joints allowed. Lower trailing arms can be fabricated or replaced with steel heim joint and steel swedge tubes but be within 1” of original OEM length and mount in original location. Any steel, rubber or polypropylene bushing allowed on trailing arms.

NO Quick Change Rear Ends or 3rd Links Allowed!

NO Panhard Bar/ Tract Bar or J-bar allowed.

Floater rear ends are allowed.


1. GM metric frame only may be used. 1978-87 Chevrolet Malibu, Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass or Buick Regal.

2. Must maintain the original 108” wheelbase and 4” ride height frame to ground with driver.

3. Right side to left side ride height maximum allowable difference is 1” with driver.

4. Frame may be fabricated 6” forward from the centerline of rear axle to rear of truck and from the front sway bar forward.

5. Holes may not be cut or drilled to lighten frame.

6. Frame may be X’ed but not narrowed.

7. Cross member must be stock and in stock location, it may be notched for oil pan clearance only and must be boxed in with 1/8” steel.

8. Engine must be centered between frame rails, 1” tolerance.

9. Cross member cannot be notched or dimpled for fuel pump clearance on GM engines.

10. Engine set back will be measured from center of rear end housing to back of engine block where bell housing meets and must be no less than 93” for GM, Ford, and Dodge or a weight penalty of 25 lbs per inch will be added to total weight.   Maximum setback allowed is 3” which will incur an additional 75 lb. penalty added to total weight.


1. Bearings and heavy duty steel aftermarket hubs and rotors are highly recommended. No steel sleeves permitted over spindle.

2. Only stock OEM GM small and large heavy duty spindles (i.e. Impala, Truck etc.) allowed and must mount in stock location. No offset, dropped, aftermarket, Camaro or Pinto spindles allowed.  Lower control arms cannot be shortened or lengthened.

2. Aftermarket tubular or swedge tube type upper A arms with any ball joint is permitted. Tubular or heavy duty sway bars are allowed. No splined sway bars permitted. Coil springs may be replaced but must mount in OEM stock locations on lower control arms and center of the rear axle. Coil spring rubber inserts are permitted.

3. No leaf springs or torsion bars are permitted.

4. Rear sway bar is permitted but must be OEM stock bar. No heim joints permitted on rear sway bar. Must use

stock type bushings.


1. Only one shock permitted per wheel.

2. No aluminum shocks allowed.

3. Steel bodied single adjustable shocks, rebound only, and may have multiple rebound adjustments are allowed and must run 56% left side weight. Non adjustable steel bodied shocks are allowed. Any trucks running non adjustable steel bodied shocks will be given one percent left side weight advantage equaling 57 %.

4. No compression adjustable shock allowed.

5. Double adjustable shocks are not allowed.

6. No canister type shocks allowed.

7. Rebuildable with Schrader valve non adjustable shocks are allowed and will be given one percent left side weight advantage equaling 57%.

8. POST RACE SHOCK BUY OUT – $250.00 per shock claim rule. You must finish directly behind the truck to use buy out rule. Buyer must buy all four shocks at time of protest.  All four shocks must be delivered to tech official undamaged and fully functional.  Any person that does not submit to the claim rule will be disqualified. No Points, No Money. Also, they will not be allowed to bring those shocks back at any time. Driver claiming shocks must have competed with STAR TRUCKS last two scheduled events and finished on the lead lap.  IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR SHOCKS CLAIMED DO NOT EXCEED THE RULES.

9. Coil overs, shocks with coil overs, or shocks converted to a coil over are not allowed.

10. Rear shocks must mount in stock location on rear axle.

11. No internal or external bump stops, frame stops or suspension limiters of any kind allowed.


1. Only a GM style steering gear box allowed and may not be moved from factory location.

2. May use up to 3 universal joints as well as one heim joint on steering shaft.

3. No rack and pinion steering or NASCAR light weight gear boxes allowed.

4. After market or OEM power steering kits allowed.

5. Steering quickeners are allowed.

6. Collapsible steering shaft is highly recommended.


1. Front brakes must be original GM or OEM appearing single piston steel calipers only. Heavy duty hubs or rotors must bolt directly to GM spindle. No adapters permitted.

2. Rear disc brakes are allowed and must be original GM or OEM appearing single piston steel caliper only.

3. No drilled, slotted or scalloped rotors allowed.

4. After market brake pedal allowed with double reservoir master cylinder.

5. No aluminum brake rotors, drums or calipers allowed on front or rear.

6. Aluminum rotor hats are allowed on rear only.

7. Brakes must function on all 4 wheels at all times.

Tires and Wheels:

1. American Racer KK704.

2. Front and rear tread width is 63 ¼” maximum measured from center of left tire to center of right tire.

3. Steel 15” racing wheels with a maximum width of 8” with a maximum offset difference of 2” from right side to left side.

4. Beadlocks, air bleeders or popoffs are not permitted of any kind.

5. Hubs must have 5/8” wheel studs.

6. Wheel weights are not permitted at all.


1. The driver that qualifies the truck must start the race in the same truck. If another driver races the truck he/she must start in the rear of field.

2. You must start the race on the same tires that the truck qualified on.

3. Minimum qualifying weight is 2850 lbs.

Cone Rule

1. The cone will be used on restarts even with 5 laps or less remaining. Driver must commit to the outside or inside before he/she reaches the cone.


1. All trucks must go through tech inspection before allowed on the track to race.

2. Tech official has the authority to inspect any truck after it has entered pit area. Inspection may take place before, during and after event.

3. Tech official’s decision is final.

4. Tech official may limit admittance in the inspection area at all times to anyone.